Wrigley Balkans

Orbit “Quiet Town”


Wrigley launched a new product: Orbit Professional with micro granules that protect teeth from harm and staining.


Prove how much your teeth suffer after every meal if you don’t let Orbit take care of them.

We created “The Monster of Quietown”, a film noir story about white teeth, animated on the campaign website: welcome to Quietown, population all your teeth J Quietown represents your mouth, before and after every meal. A community where everything is calm, people know no fear and stains are nowhere to be found; but the town’s blown apart by the spotting of a terrible monster that literally stains people’s lives. Quietown’s fate depends on the user and it’s ability to find and defeat the pink-glazed monster. The user has to save the town: explore it, collect witness stories and useful clues. In the end, all clues lead to one culprit, sweet, but deadly, that has to be defeated using Orbit pellets.

The story was build on more than 20 minutes of animation and over 20 different characters, 7 voices and 10 Easter eggs throughout the app.


  • Find:

75% users stayed in the website and discovered the identity of the monster.

  • Inspire

50% of them shared the app – which wasn’t mandatory, so we suspect they genuinely liked it J

  • Connect

More than 25,000 new fans on the Orbit fan page.