Orange is one of the biggest events’ sponsor in Romania, being actively involved in major festivals and cultural events (Neversea, Untold, Electric Castle, Color Run, Les Films de Cannes, etc.). Still, Orange wants to gain more awareness of its presence, given that the brand has become almost an inseparable part of all these events. At the same time, the way that people connect with events has evolved. Everything they do now in real life has a digital expression.


My Orange, the Orange user account app, brings Orange close to its clients. We decided to make it not only a good app for account management, but also for experience management.

We created an in-app feature that would naturally integrate Orange into everyone’s fun experiences. Funny Bits was the feature that actually represented the first unit of measure for fun, allowing users to log their activity at events and be rewarded for it.

How it works?  Funny Bits can be collected at the events sponsored by Orange. Once the geolocation is on, the smartphone’s pedometer  measures the number of steps one will make within the festivals’ location and that number is expressed in Funny Bits. The Funny Bits can be easily managed in My Orange and  transformed into Internet data, discounts and events tickets.


  • 4,789,199 collected Funny Bits;
  • 65,451 app users
  • 5,340 GB bought