The Colonization


Orange wanted to raise awareness for the Orange smart shops, generate a constant flow of traffic in the shops, acquire new customers and generate product sales, by creating an unique shopping experience that would drive the consumer engagement both at emotional and rational level.


An in-store digital experience that generated constant edutainment for the visitors by involving its best smart products: the Colonization game. Using the latest technologies, Colonization brought the youngsters together in the Orange smart shops, to explore the possibilities to colonize planet Mars, within a great immersive game. The asynchronistic multiplayer system allowed players to experiment the same game in multiple ways: 8 different missions to be accomplished from 6 different smart devices (from smartphone to VR headset). With Colonization, all youngsters had the opportunity to prove the statement: “Give me a smartphone and I will conquer the Universe!”


  • 1,475,626 MB gained
  • 30,580,323 overall impressions on display mobile and social media channels
  • 151,460 reach generated by dedicated vlogs and Facebook lives;
  • 5,926 interactions on SM channels gathered by KOLs;
  • 38,095 views on KOLs YT channels.