Family Portrait


In 2015, with a new image campaign, Orange wanted to connect people in a meaningful way, especially since one of their main communication pillars was family.


We went for different technical approach for their big launch event. Instead of using technology to connect people, we connected people to activate technology.

We created a photo booth that would take pictures only if you and your loved ones can prove you are really connected, meaning that’s the only way to activate the camera’s shutter was to hold hands with somebody. It’s simple physics: in order to close the electrical circuit and take the picture you needed to hold someone. Then smile, get your picture on the spot, scan the QR code, then share it on social media so that everybody could see it.

The idea was reason enough to make people smile, take their picture, then share it on social media.


  • Find:

The activation took place in 2 locations and brought in 15,000 people.

  • Inspire

We managed to reach a rate of engagement of 45% and got over 1,700 smiling pictures.

  • Connect

More than 1,700 families had their picture taken.