The Greatest Penalty Kick


To prove that Orange 4G provides instant internet connection, real time video streaming and high speed data transmission, we reinvented the football penalty kick.


We designed a ball throwing robot and made it to synchronize with the Kinect technology. This innovation made it possible for people living in different cities to take and save penalty kicks in a matter of seconds. It was Mamaia vs Bucharest. Real action, real time.

Two football throwing machines specially modified for this activation and 2 connect based installation were enough to start the longest penalty shoot out ever. Just hit the ball from Bucharest and it will instantly be the job of the goal keeper in Mamaia to try and save it.

How does one’s talent as a footballer show in this type of game? Well, that’s where our innovation kicks in. The connect sensor from one city indicated the direction and the speed of the ball. One could either score or save, but we took turns and experienced both anyway.


  • Find

Over 7000 players took more than 3500 penalties from one city to another

  • Inspire

This activation was so successful and the people received it with such awe, that it was done again the following year

  • Connect

With the help of broadband speed Orange showed how the distance between people becomes irrelevant, being able to connect anytime and anywhere