Friesland Napolact

National Consumer Promo


We had to create a website to support the first Napolact national promo: “A house on the hill, in the middle of Ardeal”.

We had to take a few things into consideration: communicate the promo message (“Win a house on a hill, in the middle of Ardeal”), speak to the consumers “like in the olden times”, create a memorable website experience and substantially increase the number of Facebook fans.


Invite the people to take a virtual journey to Ardeal, a region that is strongly connected to the Napolact. Every promotional code offered the user a voyage through Ardeal and all its beauty. Each village opened itself with its fascinating picturesque and culinary traditions. On the road, our user met interesting new people, was invited to traditional fairs and learned traditional Romanian dances.

For this website we had to build 20 different 3D traditional house models, document 20 different villages, record voices and sound effects and process more than 650 photos.


  • Find

300,000 website visitors were interested in the website, out of which 138,000 were unique.

  • Inspire

Almost 2 milion pages were read, so our huge documenting work paid off!

On average, people spent 10 minutes on the site before exiting.

  • Connect

And we gained 45,000 new Facebook fans.




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Internetics Romania
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