In 2015, The National Musem of Natural History “Grigore Antipa” organized a fearful exhibition: 50 species of spiders and scorpions were brought to the museum and awaited their visitors.

But how could we promote an exhibition that gives you the creeps? And moreover, how could we convince our main target, children, that there is nothing to be scared of?


We took the reality and turned it into virtual reality: we created a VR game that changed the perspectives. Put the glasses on and you could become a spider or a scorpion. Suddenly, a regular chair is 100 times bigger than you and a normal bedroom becomes your entire universe. Can you hunt? Just follow the pray and through that scary net of yours


  • Find:

The entire communication campaign got 500,000 unique viewers.

  • Inspire

More than 43,000 people were convinced the fearful exhibition was a blast and visited it.

  • Connect

In 2 days of activation more than 200 kids interacted with the game and entered the world of spiders.