Flight to Amsterdam


The beginning of 2013 marked the launch of a new saving product – Bonus Deposit – with a competitive interest rate of 6% per year.

We were given the challenge to create a new communication umbrella for 2013, which would seamlessly work with all the projects planned for this year


We came up with the ING Bank Lines concept – the shortest routes to your needs, created 20 illustrated characters, each having a different banking need. This way, we showed how we can fulfill the needs of any customer. The campaign concept was adapted for many communication channels, all interconnected with each other: the classic TV advertising, with radio and OOH, and surely a comprehensive online campaign – each with a tailored mechanics for the respective audience. The target would be reached naturally with tailored messages, having in mind that each individual is exposed to the same campaign on multiple channels:

  • Facebook – Fulfilling the needs of any type of customer through an interactive Facebook Application.
  • Mobile treasure hunt – Challenging our target to roam around Bucharest and discover the 20 characters in a fun and engaging way.
  • Bloggers campaign – Spread the news and boosted our campaign message.
  • Landing pages – Where people could apply for the new Savings Account.
  • Media campaigns – Promoting the campaign message on all the major network – Google, Premium media placements, Facebook.


    • Inspire

    The average time spent on the Facebook app was huge: 7 minutes and 30 seconds, per user!

    We received 4500 scans for the treasure hunt

    • Find

    More than 239,000 characters were embarked in the trip to Amsterdam.

    • Connect

    More than 550 interactions for the bloggers campaign, which translates in a great awareness share.




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