Friesland Napolact

Be Your Own Milkman


In the Romanian milk market there are many brands that claim that their milk is fresh and natural. Napolact milk also claims their milk is fresh and natural, so how can we convince people that Napolact milk is fresher and more natural?


Make them milk it themselves!

We took a cow, a milk pot and a tablet; we mixed it together until we got the first app that gives you freshly squeezed milk. And we let the consumers become their own milkman. It doesn’t get any fresher than this, proving once again that Napolact offers fresh, tasteful milk, just like in the golden days


  • Find

More than 80 litres of freshly squeezed milk were drank in 3 days.

  • Inspire

Over 850 people were convinced by the activation, making Napolact top of mind for them.

  • Connect

An overall of 2,700,000 people reached in the entire campaign.




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