How to convince a “know better” audience that our innovative product is better than what they know? In a country where contraception still includes abortion, where even educated women do not use contraceptives, and regulations prohibit its branding towards consumers, we needed to promote Nuvaring, a one of a kind contraceptive.


Our idea was to ignite spontaneous public conversations about contraception.

First, we created the Smart Girls circle website and Facebook community where women discuss sex, relationships, contraception, sometimes, together with beloved VIPs.

Second, they played with different contraceptives and “Kill the sperm” online game.

Third, we’ve created the sex predictor Facebook and mobile app to help women get most of their sex life by calculating based on biorhythm the best time for having sex and make them understand why Nuvaring is the ideal solution for them.

Forth, we invited them to a surprising theatre play, made especially for us by the famous Romanian playwright and director Lia Butnar.


  • Find

50,000 people visited the website.

  • Inspire

The theatre play had full attendance every time it was played for 2 months.

  • Connect

The Facebook page gained 190,000 new fans.

2,5 million Romanians were reached.

The client gained a significant market share, from 2.7% to 8.6% in 2 years.





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