5 Gum

Truth or Dare?


In 2015 5 Gum created a new communication platform around one of the most popular games ever: Truth or Dare? Each pack of gum contained a series of Truths or Dares for the consumer to play with their friends. Our client challenged us to communicate online only an offline game!



We created a movement both online and offline, generated by an endorser that’s popular and relevant to the brand personality.

So, let’s play the biggest Truth or Dare game ever! We chose the most daring endorser in town and simply, we just let the fun begin. The playground: web-banners, on Facebook and on an interactive website that aggregated and awarded Truths or Dares from all over Romania.

Let’s say you’re a truth person: well, this could bring you Vlad’s personalized sneakers, a stick with the playlists he likes best, his notebook, his first mic or the toy that reminded him of his first interview. Now, if you’re more the daring type, you just have to prove it. To encourage our users to upload their own accomplished dares, we teased them with a challenging prize: a ticket to one of the coolest festivals in Romania. But guess what, nobody knew the name of the festival until they received the ticket. Each week the users had to accomplish a certain dare and each time Vlad broke the ice with his own challenge that we filmed and showed on the website.


    • Find

    More than 70,000 visitors entered the website and chose to play the Truth or Dare game.

    Vlad’s videos recorded over 200,000 views on Youtube.

    • Inspire:

    The Truth section was a blast. Participating users were keen on finding out truths about our endorser, Vlad Craioveanu.

    • Connect:

    The dedicated Facebook content engaged over 180,000 5 Gum fans, with a total reach of Facebook posts of over 3 milion views!