Data & Analytics

Intelligence-led budget optimization supported by best-in-class tools.

As a full-service digital agency, Lowe Profero’s data and analytics services focus on optimization of the entire customer journey – from paid and organic search visibility analytics through to web and social analytics. Accountability and optimization is at the core of our offering, using data-driven insight to influence practically every decision we make. Our analysts work alongside our planning teams to make sense of big data in ways that are meaningful to brands and marketing challenges. Our services cover the following areas and are supported by a suite of bespoke, cutting-edge tools:
Automated dashboards via Lowe Profero Signal which provides brands with timely and valuable performance information across all marketing (and non-marketing) channels.
Web analytics. From tracking set-up through to full site analysis, our vendor-accredited team helps clients optimize their ‘owned’ content to drive maximum value from the investment.
Social analytics. Using cutting-edge listening and analysis software we are able to provide detailed insight and recommendations on the discussions that are shaping the reputations of today’s brands.
Marketing mix modelling. Understand the contribution and ROI of all online and offline marketing channels, and uses this information to more intelligently allocate budgets.
Ad-hoc analytics. From measuring the actual impact of a banner impression on sales through to understanding the synergy between paid and organic search, we create bespoke analytics solutions to answer specific marketing challenges posed by our clients.