A good day is measured in spoons of ice cream

Overwhelmed by too many deadlines? Always late because of the traffic jam? The meeting didn’t end up as expected or the favourite team lost the game? Hush, hush! Ben & Jerry’s knows exactly what you need: the ice cream that will make your day better! In order to bring this message closer to Romanian fans, Ben & Jerry’s united its spoons with Profero’s, the agency selected after winning the local pitch to coordinate the digital communication of the brand on the Romanian market.

Therefore, Profero developed an umbrella concept that stems from the brand’s DNA and that is adaptable for all the channels – Make everything better with Ben & Jerry’s, which was subsequently amplified with humour and creativity in social media.

„At the same time with the start of communication in Romania, we wanted a digital partner with whom to raise the awareness of the brand and to encourage the consumers not only to try Ben & Jerry’s, but to let themselves be carried away by the flavours of our ice cream. The goal is to be top of mind when it comes to delicious and refreshing desserts and we chose to start this journey together with Profero who proposed a concept that best fits our palate. The first results that we had together confirm the expectations”, says Emilia Bârzan, Brand Manager, Ben&Jerry’s.


„Starting from the moment we had received the brief, we were 100% involved in developing a concept that is strongly connected to the actual social context, to which as many consumers as possible can relate. Even if we are stressed out or full of energy, even if we want to recover after a long day at work or celebrate success, nothing compares with that moment when a big scoop of Ben & Jerry’s can save your day or even make it better. There’s no need to mention what we brought in the office to celebrate having won the Ben & Jerry’s pitch! Omnomnomnom J”, adds Elena Negrescu, Senior Copywriter, Profero.

„With a cute and playful tone of voice, Ben & Jerry’s addresses a young audience who lives the moment to its fullest and appreciates if a brand stands for its own values and acts accordingly. These are the assets we took into consideration when we have created the visuals and it seems they fitted like a glove”, says Diana Dalimon, Jr. Art Director, Profero.

„We are glad to have the opportunity to coordinate the social media presence of Ben & Jerry’s in Romania from the very beginning, in order to grow it in a creative and consistent way with the brand values. That’s the way in which we created the official Facebook page that developed beautifully and naturally and now brings forward and shares the joy with millions of lovers of the most #WoW ice cream”, mentions Alexandra Ion, Social Media Executive, Profero.

The brand begun its digital communication on the local market together with Profero through the launch of the official Facebook page Ben & Jerry’s, but also through the communication of the first event of the brand in Romania – Life is better after a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, with support from the PR agency Golin. The communication was amplified also through a new collaboration with Doamna Stela, who offered funny astrological predictions, in line with the event concept. So, in addition to the tasting of the delicious range of ice cream, consumers have enjoyed a slice of humour by Ben & Jerry’s.

The digital promotion will continue this year with a mix of tactics, active presence in social media and PR amplifications.